You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Riethmeyer's Auto Repair:

Thank you Shawn and Terry for getting my son's Saturn out of your shop today. The repair was very fairly priced, and getting in and out in a single day saved me time and money. Just FYI my son flies for the US Navy as one of the Commanders of the so-called Doomsday planes which carry our nuclear strike codes in case of foreign attack. You made it possible for him to be able to drive his vehicle back to his next deployment. Thanks again... We'll be back!

Owen W.

Allen was ready to jump in his repair truck and help my 89 yr old mother who had a dead battery there in Austin. Was very friendly and helpful. Ended up calling him off before he left due to AAA insurance sending someone. Thanks again Allen!

Kathy W.

Best auto shop in Austin.

Cody Bonner

Came here because the engine light came on. They fixed the problem for free. Came again for them to fix my driver's side door that made a terrible rattling noise. They fixed it quick and for a good price. Hasn't made noise in months.

Zack Murray

Extremely good people to work with, knowledgeable mechanics and office staff.

Charles Schiller

Came here for a variety of car fixes because a family friend suggested it. They worked incredibly fast given all that I had them fix. I asked them to call for estimates on some of the repairs, and they did just that. They didn't try to sell me fixes for any other problems they might have found! They were also incredibly affordable! I would recommend Riethmeyer's Auto Repair to everyone!

Christal Haskins

These people are as Honest as the day is long. If they tell you something is broken you can bank on it. I went in willing to pay for a new water pump. Turns out it was a loose clamp on one of the hoses. They charged me an hour's labor, and I would have willingly paid more. If they tell you your blinker fluid is low buy a quart! HaHa!

John Dolan

Had my Pontiac Fiero that needed a little bit of work taken here and they did a pretty good job. The quality of service at Riethmeyer's is above average, and they have a very low sales pressure staff which was nice.

David McCoy

They're honest, friendly, and helpful. Their prices are much better than the dealership. It's obviously a family business, and they take pride in their work.

Kathy Blankenship

Took my car here to fix a stuck window. Cost me $100 and it was quick. Then I took a used car I was test driving. They took about an hour and checked everything. Terry gave me his honest opinion on the car, and based on his advice I ended up buying a different, brand new car and I'm glad I did. Very honest people. If you need to test cars they have good deals.

Estela Aragon

I came here based on the positive reviews and felt the need to post one also because my experience here was better than expected. Their honesty saved me alot of money. The work was done quickly, and very thorough and for less money than I expected. I won't take my car any where else now after bringing it here.

Travis Cameron

Excellent service! Everyone was very helpful and friendly.

Mark Blankenship

Owned by a family with racing history. They fixed my car in a day and were really polite and knowledgeable.

Dimitar Dimitrov

I've been a customer of Reithmeyer's for about 4 years now. They always take care of you, no matter how big or small the job is. They'll offer free rides to and from the place once you've dropped your car off, and they're very prompt about getting back to you with estimates for repair.

Evan Dozier

My 1995 Chevy Caprice Classic had no A/C in it for two years. I was afraid to go get it looked at due to what I thought it would cost to repair it (more than the car is worth, for sure?). I took it to Riethmeyer's, they had it fixed quickly (an hour maybe) and charged me $160 for the recharge, labor, and valve covers that needed replacing. That was over a month ago, and my A/C is still blowing ice cold. I'm taking Floe back next week to get the windows fixed.

Tamara Teigen

I originally went to Riethmeyer's to rent a U-Haul trailer, but while attaching the trailer, we discovered that I had lost the voltage output from my left rear turn signal through my vehicle's trailer lighting module. Kieth went way above and beyond in helping me resolve the problem in short order. He and the entire staff are friendly, stand-up folks who know what they are doing and are big on customer service.

Chris Leonard

If you are looking for a very honest family owned shop to do work on your vehicle, this is the place to go. Shawn and his staff are very outstanding and very knowledgeable, and their work and customer service are first class. I don't mind driving 17 miles to get work done on my vehicle(s) and I will highly recommend them to anyone.

Mark Foster

I was referred to Reithmeyer's by a happy customer. The first time I visited Reithmeyer's, my car had a pinched A/C hose that was leaking on the floor board. Keith fixed the hose, didn't charge me, and said just come on back when you need something more. Needless to say, I have been back ever since.

Audrey Nimmo

Thank you to the wonderful people at Riethmeyer's for your friendly and excellent service. I'm a customer for life.

Amanda Smith Johnson

Been servicing my car since I moved to Austin 8+ yrs ago. GREAT service, FAIR, HONEST pricing, and WONDERFUL people! HIGHLY recommend Riethmeyer's for your car maintenance!!!

Patty Day

Honest & reliable. What more can you ask for in automotive repair? I highly recommend this place even if all you need is an oil change. Come here for quality work & excellent service.

Joann Graffious

Fixed my AC and excellent service. Higlhly recommend for your auto repair.

Hurdie Burk